CRUSADE TEAMS 2017 February 09 2017

When we announced that we would be taking teams on all our crusades next year, we had an overwhelming response of people asking for further details. Crusades are life-changing as you see the power of God demonstrated.  If you become a member of a crusade team, be aware that you will form part of the prayer team that will be praying for the sick.  Be ready to tenaciously pray!

Here are the crusade dates for 2017:


LATVIA – RIGA – 2nd – 4th JUNE 2017

COLOMBIA – 22nd – 24th JUNE 2017

EL SALVADOR – SAN SALVADOR – 28th – 30th JULY 2017


WITHOUT EXCEPTION all these crusades will be offered to our PARTNERS FIRST with a deadline set.  After this deadline, it will be open to everyone else. We want to honor those that have faithfully stood with this ministry, some of which have done so for years.

STN will make ALL bookings for flights, hotels, and transport in each city.   We take teams of 12-16 on every trip depending on each crusade’s need.

If you are an STN COVENANT PARTNER, CHURCH 100 PARTNER, or BUSINESS 100 PARTNER and are interested in coming on one of these trips, the deadline is 31st JANUARY 2017. We’ll provide an estimate of the cost and send you an application form that MUST be completed to secure your place, and we’ll send a confirmation email. Please email for further information.

If you’re not a partner and would like to be on one of our crusade teams, please contact us after 31st JANUARY 2017 at

We look forward to seeing the Kingdom of God expanded together!

Nathan Marrow – Worldwide Ministry Director


So often when we travel from place to place, we do not hear of what God has done until weeks, months or even years later. At Shake The Nations we are always thrilled to hear the accounts of salvation, healing and deliverance that took place during the services and hear the testimonies long after we have gone.

This is the story of Tamilore who was 11 years old at the time when Shake the Nations held services in Newcastle, UK in September 2011. Tamilore was born with sickle cell anaemia and was in bad shape. He was at the point which he would spend a week in the hospital every 2 weeks. Sickle anaemia patients typically don’t live past their 20’s and develop complications such as kidney failure, necrosis, heart failure, etc.

Iris, a family friend who had visited the Bay Revival shared with us that she believed if Tamilore came to the services he would be healed! We just love faith like this. Finally they agreed to come.

The meeting started on Friday, they were only able to make it to the evening service on Saturday. At the meeting, Iris brought Tamilore to the front and Nathan asked what was wrong with him. Iris shared with Nathan that Tamilore had a blood disease and that was about all she could get out of her mouth in the moment. Nathan commanded his blood to be cleansed in Jesus name and God touched him. Since that meeting, Tamilore (now 15 years old) has never been to the hospital again, Hallelujah!

We love to share all that God has done and give Him all the Glory! If you too have a blood condition, then right now in Jesus name we ask God to touch your body right where you are, that every cell is made whole. Time and distance are of no consequence to God at the time you are reading this. Claim your healing now in His mighty name!

If you have a testimony, go to the contact section on our website or e-mail us at

ANSWERING THE CALL October 08 2013

We are all very well aware of the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans not to harm you, but to give a future and a hope.” Do we actually believe that God has an incredible unique plan just for us? Sometimes we can believe it can happen for others, but find it hard to believe it for ourselves. But God does! 


We serve an AWESOME GOD 

We serve a God whose thoughts for you are more than the grains of sand. In your life, you have around 2.5 billion seconds, if you live to be eighty years old. I’m pretty sure that on a beach there are many more than 2.5 billion grains of sand. That means God thinks about you more than once every second, if you take it literally. That’s why God knows us better that we know ourselves. 


Never lose HOPE 

I always knew that God would someday take me somewhere else, possibly to another nation, but never knew when it would come. The Bible says, “That hope deferred makes the heart sick.” That’s why if God gives you a dream and a promise; He’s giving it to you to make sure you never lose hope. People often have so many questions like: when, why, and how will God show me his plans for serving him, for my job, or spouse. I often asked these very same questions and God spoke to me very clearly with the scripture, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added.” Keep your walk with the Lord your main focus, and your life will flow from that. Don’t become distracted by other questions. Keep the main thing the main thing! 



About five years after God gave me that verse, Evangelist Nathan Morris approached me and asked me to join him at Shake The Nations Ministries to help manage the ministry. At that time, I had quite a prestigious job as a Finance Director, and I was a worship leader in a local church, with a brilliant team, my friends, and family around me. I knew the call was from God, so I had no hesitation. Sometimes answering the call can unlock so many other things. This led to me moving to the United States and leaving my comfort zone behind. But in this, I met my beautiful wife Lydia Stanley (now Lydia Stanley Marrow). 

I now also get the honor to be a part of taking this precious Gospel around the world and (to be honest) spend most of my time broken at seeing the thousands of lives changed, restored, and healed. I believe in what we do with all my heart and I now live for it every day. I cannot recommend this ministry highly enough! 

If I had any advice it would be, never let go of your dream. But at the same time, don’t just wait around for it to happen. Reinhard Bonnke once said, “Those who constantly seek the will of God are overrun by those who do the will of God.” 


Nathan Marrow

Ministry Director, STN