Legacy UK 2016

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In June of 2016, Shake The Nations held the Legacy Conference in Peterborough, right in the heart of the United Kingdom. These meetings were filled with powerful preaching, practical teaching, and the demonstration of the power of God. Along with Evangelist Nathan Morris, we were honoured to have Pastor Jarrod Cooper, Pastor Steve Uppal, and Evangelist Jonathan Conrathe encourage us to run with the Legacy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days.

DISC 1 | Session 1: Ps. Jarrod Cooper, Session 2: Q&A with panel

DISC 2 | Session 3: Ev. Jonathan Conrathe

DISC 3 | Session 4: Ev. Nathan Morris, Session 5: Vision & Impartation Service

DISC 4 | Session 6: Ps. Steve Uppal, Session 7: Ev. Nathan Morris

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